The After Shahada Project walks Lake Carolyn

Better late than never, InshaAllah. About a year ago, the Islamic Center of Irving hired a new outreach director, and one of his first acts was to start up a class to teach converts and reverts about their religion. We meet every Sunday at 4 upstairs in the old part of the Islamic School of …

At the Arboretum with Compania Imago’s Rollei CN 200

On day two of our excursions during Spring Break, Hana and I went to the Dallas Arboretum to catch the Spring blooms. Once again, the weather was lovely, and we had a nice time walking around and admiring the flowers and trees.

Staycation with Compania Imago’s Rollei CN 200

I had 5 days of rollover vacation that needed to be used before the end of Q1, so I took Spring Break off with Hana, and shot through loads of film. I’m very behind processing any of it, let alone sharing it, so bear with me for a bit. It was good to get away …

Compania Imago film thoughts

I’ve shot through a couple of rolls of Compania Imago films now and I’ve noticed a couple of things that they have in common, despite being films from different manufacturers and different vintages, and the first roll of Rollei CN200 I shot had some strange scratches and gouges that none of the others had.

Rollei Digibase CN-200 (4) – Random Thoughts

I’ll just put it right out there: I like the look I get from the Digibase. It’s not all brilliance, but it’s a good film, with good sharpness, contrast, color, and saturation. Plus, the polyester base means I can ‘scan’ it without needing color correction. It’s a shame that it’s discontinued.

Rollei Digibase CN-200 (3) – at Southfork Ranch

One thing I forgot to mention about the Vintage thing: it was held at Southfork Ranch, the setting for much of the Dallas TV show way back when. Back in the 70s and 80s, Southfork Ranch was out in the middle of nowhere, and you could fly over miles of open countryside in a helicopter, as they …