1970s Ricoh Compacts, part 1: the Ricoh 35 ZF

The Ricoh 35 ZF is a zone focus, shutter priority (and full manual) 35mm camera from 1976. With a 40mm f/2.8 lens, shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/8 (plus B), and an ISO range of 25-800, there isn’t too much to worry about: set the shutter speed (1/250 or 1/500 in daylight), put the aperture on ‘A’ and pay some amount of attention to the focus pictograms. It’s pretty much ideal for a walk-around, happy snapper-type camera and I’ve been (mostly) happily snapping away with mine for many years now. Continue reading “1970s Ricoh Compacts, part 1: the Ricoh 35 ZF”

Selections from my last roll of Konica Pro 160

Shortly after scoring a really great deal on two Bobinquick Bulk Loaders* from Garland Camera, I needed some film and remembered seeing some bulk color film at Ultrafine. A few short days later, and I was the proud owner of 100′ of perforated Konica Color Professional 160.

That 100′ netted me 19 rolls, mostly used to test cameras, sadly, plus a few feet of exposed film that probably could’ve been another 20 or 25 frames, and once I got used to all the fun of bulk loading, I really started to enjoy this film, and now that I’ve shot through it all, I’m sad there’s no more available… Continue reading “Selections from my last roll of Konica Pro 160”