The Rikenon 40mm f/2.8, an appreciation

The Rikenon 40mm f/2.8 is one of my favorite lenses. It’s sharp enough, with good color transmission and not too much vignetting, and I love the field of view: it’s never too wide like a 35mm can sometimes be, and it’s never too tele like a 50 sometimes is (especially if you shoot with a […]

1970s Ricoh Compacts, part 1: the Ricoh 35 ZF

The Ricoh 35 ZF is a zone focus, shutter priority (and full manual) 35mm camera from 1976. With a 40mm f/2.8 lens, shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/8 (plus B), and an ISO range of 25-800, there isn’t too much to worry about: set the shutter speed (1/250 or 1/500 in daylight), put the aperture […]

Selections from my last roll of Konica Pro 160

Shortly after scoring a really great deal on two Bobinquick Bulk Loaders* from Garland Camera, I needed some film and remembered seeing some bulk color film at Ultrafine. A few short days later, and I was the proud owner of 100′ of perforated Konica Color Professional 160. That 100′ netted me 19 rolls, mostly used […]