Vacation, Shmaycation… but at least it was foggy for part of the drive home.

Once the heat of the Texas summer finally broke, I needed a break. I felt a little bit stressed and really rather depressed, and I made plans to drive up to visit Mom in Northwest Arkansas, rest some, sit on the deck and look out at the trees, the valley, the picturesque little farm down there, and just relax and try to get my head straight some.

Alas. My employer had other plans. Continue reading “Vacation, Shmaycation… but at least it was foggy for part of the drive home.”

6 Days in Costa Rica

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I was in Costa Rica a month or so ago for business (again). It was as beautiful, and the people as friendly, as I remembered. Given that it was a work thing, I didn’t have much time for shooting and only made it through 6 rolls and a disposable, plus a septuple handful of shots from the X70, so it wasn’t a complete wash. Continue reading “6 Days in Costa Rica”

Eid Mubarak!

Today, I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness another Ramadan and the chance to enjoy fellowship with my brothers and sisters in faith as we celebrate on this blessed day of Eid al Fitr, the celebration of the breaking of the fast. May Allah accept our fast, charity, and supplications, may He bless us with many more Ramadans together, in worship of Him alone, without any partners, and may He strengthen our hearts and keep us steadfast, Ameen. Continue reading “Eid Mubarak!”

Enter the Kodak Pro Image 100

Back around the time I picked up the Kodak HD 400, I snagged a 5 roll pack of recently expired Kodak Pro Image 100…

In short, despite the dramatic convex curl to the negatives, this is some of the best film I’ve used: great color, great skin tones, very low grain, just an absolute pleasure, and I’m very tempted to snag a decent quantity more and put it in the freezer for a project or something. It’s really that good.* Continue reading “Enter the Kodak Pro Image 100”