Hydrochrome Sutton’s first roll

Lomography are always full of surprises… They took the Sutton-type lens and plastic shutter from the awful LomoMod 1, and the 35mm back for their Belair camera, stuck a plastic cone-thing and part of a Belair camera body in between them, and *poof new panoramic camera! Apologies, but I haven’t photographed the camera, so you’ll […]

Vacation, Shmaycation… but at least it was foggy for part of the drive home.

Once the heat of the Texas summer finally broke, I needed a break. I felt a little bit stressed and really rather depressed, and I made plans to drive up to visit Mom in Northwest Arkansas, rest some, sit on the deck and look out at the trees, the valley, the picturesque little farm down […]

6 Days in Costa Rica

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I was in Costa Rica a month or so ago for business (again). It was as beautiful, and the people as friendly, as I remembered. Given that it was a work thing, I didn’t have much time for shooting and only made it through 6 rolls and […]