Deep Freeze, TX

If you’re unaware, that is, if you were living on top of a faraway mountain with no access to national or international news, or if you’re reading this far into the future and have forgotten, the polar vortex slid down into Texas, all the way to the Rio Grande, late on Valentine’s Day, or early […]

#BIFscale 21

It’s been a long 3 years since I last took part in #BIFscale, the worldwide celebration of redscale film (color film exposed through the base), hosted by @filmdevelop and the #believeinfilm community on Twitter. Honestly, I mostly forgot about it in 2019, but started watching for it late that year, and throughout 2020, but never […]

tuer le Fantôme II: la rupture de neige

After my first failure with Lomography’s Fantôme Kino film, I was hesitant to try it again. Then, one day in early January 2021, after some success with the Babylon Kino, I shoved a roll into the FM3a, bolted the 35mm f/2 D on the front, and went to town… Interestingly, and rare for North Texas, […]

tuer le Fantôme I: ne reste pas

When Lomography announced its Fantôme and Babylon Kino films, I hesitated at first, then went ahead and ordered 5 rolls of each. I wasn’t too excited about some slow black & white film, but I appreciate what Lomography are doing, and want to support new (and newly available thanks to repackaging) film stocks. They took […]