FPP Derev Pan 100, part 1: half frame fun

Why I decided to shoot my first roll of Derev Pan 100 in the LC-W, in half frame mode, I’ll never know. Yes, I wanted to try the Derev Pan. And, yes, I wanted to try the LC-W’s half frame mode, but come on, James! Limit your variables!

Also: note to self: 500ml is insufficient to fully cover two rolls of 35mm in a two reel Paterson tank.

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‘Conspiracy of Cartographers: Issue 3’

For ‘Conspiracy of Cartographers’ Issue 3, Eric Swanger spent 3 weeks traveling what looks to be the western part of the midwest with a 4×5 field camera and a bunch of film, and he came back with a tale of loneliness and the ghosts that keep watch over the Badlands region.

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