‘Elston Gunn’ Issue #3: “I Believe In You”

I wish I knew how to add subtitles to WordPress posts… I wanted to title this review/screed “Caveat Emptor” or, better, “Participem Emptor” (Participant Beware), but that’s just a bit too up front, perhaps.

Full disclosure: I’m a disgruntled supporter of Five Years, Dee Elegia’s successful 2017 kickstarter for her book of photographs with her muse Faye. She publicized Elston Gunn at some point in 2018 or so on her Twitter, I think, and I bought this issue as I still had some faith in Elegia and hoped the income might get her working on the Five Years book again, but alas. So my frustration at the lack of updates on the Five Years project, much less meaningful progress, may color my thoughts somewhat.

But let’s just see…

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Egoïst, No. 18

Egoïst is a rather fancy French fashion, um, magazine that I ran across a couple of years ago when I was first looking at Ellen von Unwerth’s work. I hesitate to call it a “magazine,” as each issue seems to come out in two parts and it’s huge, rather expensive, and very well done, for an unbound almost newspaper-like thing, and its release schedule is “whenever it’s ready.” In any case, it’s not a monthly fashion rag like Cosmo or something, though there are some similarities.

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An hour at Beaver Lake

After four+ months of lockdown, I really couldn’t take it any more and drove to Arkansas to visit Mom. I took some cameras and some library books along, and managed to shoot a few rolls (finish a couple and start a couple), and read at least a book a day (I finished 8 in 7 days or 7 in 6 days, something like that). All in all, it was a good time, and I’ll be doling out pictures from the visit over several posts, of which this is the first.*

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Stephen Gill – ‘The Pillar’

The Pillar is a sort of follow up, sort of, to Stephen Gill’s Night Procession, if only that 1) it came, as it has, two years or so after the previous volume; 2) that it likewise employed a motion-activated camera and little (active) authorial input; and 3) that the format of the book (jacket design) and text (from Karl Ove Knausgård) are very similar. You can also find it in a bundle with Night Procession direct from Gill’s imprint Nobody Books.

But that’s where similarities end…

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