FP4+ Party!

I recall swearing off film parties last year sometime… I’m not going to look it up, but astute, regular readers (if there are any of you) might remember.

But when the FP4+Party rolled around again, I ran to Don’s and picked up a couple of rolls, then came home and loaded one into the n8008 I picked up last year sometime, stuck the 28-105D on the front, and started shooting.

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Someone gave me a Canon EOS Elan

The Canon EOS Elan (EOS 100) is more than 30 years old now. This one was given to me by a buddy who gave up film for digital and left this great 1990s marvel to get all sticky in a box in his closet or something.

I protested. “I’ll give you a roll or two of film, develop it for you, keep it and use it!” He just shook his head. “I’m a Nikon shooter! I don’t even have any lenses for it!” He wasn’t having it. He threw in a couple of rolls of long-expired T-Max and some Ilford Multigrade filters and sent me on my way.

That was July 2018, I think, and I only recently found a lens to borrow and give it a shot.

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Luigi Ghirri – ‘It’s beautiful here, isn’t it…’

It’s beautiful here, isn’t it… was the first book published on Ghirri in the United States. It appeared in 2008, and I found my way to Ghirri in 2016, I think, maybe thanks to Teju Cole’s article in the New York Times Magazine, following an interview I heard with him on the Magic Hour podcast (and saved for later listening), so I’m a bit late to the party.

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Luigi Ghirri – ‘Kodachrome’ and ‘The Complete Essays 1973-1991’

By all rights, these two books should be reviewed separately. Sadly, though, they arrived in the same box and I unboxed them together, so here we are.

Kodachrome is MACK’s 2013 reprint of Ghirri’s 1978 classic. From what I understand, it’s a facsimile of the original, albeit with the inclusion of a pamphlet containing a new essay by Francesco Zanot and translations of the original introductions into French and German.

The Complete Essays 1973-1991 is, as the title suggests, Ghirri’s complete essays. This English translation was published by Mack in 2016.

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So I found a roll of film in a thrift store camera…

My darling, adorable wife was looking at jewelry and I peered over her shoulder and spotted a tiny Nikon case. I assumed it was a digicam of some sort, so imagine my surprise when I opened it and found a Nikon Lite Touch Zoom, complete with a roll of film inside!

I’ll have a proper review of the camera at a later point, this is just to share some pictures from the roll.

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My Little Game (part 3)

Part 3 of theonlinephotographer’s Little Game threw me for a bit of a loop. “You should not only concentrate on your Top Five categories, but also actively avoid the other twenty.” What?

Really, this makes complete sense to me, and my first impulse was to go back and re-order my categories. After all, there are things in the list that I want to do more of, as I expect they’ll lead me somewhere. And some of the things in my top five (family snaps, for example) while wildly important, aren’t something I want to make a project out of: I just want to document my family. For five things to focus on near-exclusively, I wouldn’t put family snaps in there, especially since my darling, adorable wife now tires of being photographed, and my family isn’t really together all that often. Does this make me a heel? I don’t know. Probably.

So I went back and started looking.

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So I bought a Holga…

I don’t quite know why…

I never bought one when they were still being made. I thought about buying one when they stopped being made, but the price of used ones skyrocketed (briefly). Then I was going to buy a new one, but heard that they were even less good than the originals.

But then Freestyle had 25% off plastic cameras for Buy Nothing Day, and they ran it through the Monday after, and after hunting eBay and studying the (few) different types of Holgas made and looking at prices, I went ahead, threw caution to the wind, and jumped on a new one.

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