Matt Stuart – ‘Think Like a Street Photographer’

Given that I just published a review of Stuart’s Into the Fire, I figured I should probably just go ahead and make this Matt Stuart week and slap up a quick review of his 2021 how-to guide, Think Like a Street Photographer.

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Matt Stuart – ‘Into the Fire’

Someone on YouTube alerted me to Matt Stuart‘s Into the Fire about two months before it came out. I can’t find the comment now, and if it’s you, thanks! I missed All that Life Can Afford by about 6 months, that is, it came out just around the time I started buying photobooks, I didn’t grab a copy when they were readily available, the book is now way too spendy for me. (A 2nd edition is available, with new images and a new edit, and I haven’t pulled the trigger on it just yet.) Anyway, I was sure to jump on Into the Fire just as soon as I heard about it.

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Morgan Ashcom – ‘Open’

‘Open’ is a set of 34 prints, made from 4×5 negatives exposed, in camera, in Palestine by Morgan Ashcom in 2009, then re-exposed to fluorescent light by Israeli border guards prior to development, housed in a recycled 4×5 negative box. Ashcom offered these as a sort of “Thank You” gift for donating to Human Supporters, which operates a summer camp for youth and offers dance and art classes, and various other workshops and programs for young people in Palestine.

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Rebecca Norris Webb – ‘Night Calls’

Rebecca Norris Webb‘s Night Calls hit my Best List in a prime spot, sort of, clocking in as the “Best New Book that I Haven’t Reviewed (Yet)…” Well, now’s as good a time as any, and Night Calls is a great one with which to sort of kick of the 2022 review season.

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