Majd Taby & Sara Kerens – ‘Displaced’

For Displaced: Stories from the Syrian Diaspora, Majd Taby and Sara Kerens (writer and photographer, respectively) traveled alongside Syrian refugees, fleeing war and the Islamic State, from Turkey to Greece and up through Europe during the height of the refugee crisis. The book weaves together narratives, interviews, and photographs to tell a more human, individual story than the quick takes we got from the western media.

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Joshua Dudley Greer – ‘Somewhere Along the Line’

Mix one part Robert Frank, one part Uncommon Spaces-era Stephen Shore, and two parts Joel Sternfeld, toss in a pinch of Alec Soth, shrink it down to 1/4 size, then blow it back up again and fast forward 30 years, and what do you have? It’s Joshua Dudley Greer’s Somewhere Along the Line.

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Charlie Kirk – ‘Katil Var’

Katil Var was a long time coming. I preordered it back in early 2019 and waited patiently through editing woes, issues with printers, and then COVID-related fun stuff, but it’s finally here! And unusually for me, I’m reviewing it in a timely manner, largely to get some press out for the book.

tl;dr: Katil Var is excellent. It’s perhaps the best pure street photography book I’ve seen from a contemporary photographer. Copies remain available: go buy one now and come back to read (and/or thank me) later. This isn’t a paid ad or anything: I bought the book just like (most) everyone else. I just really think this book needs to be in your hands.

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Suzanne Winterberger – “Prototype Man”

Prototype Man” is a great little zine from 1980. I found Suzanne Winterberger thanks to In/Sights, and ran to pick up “Prototype Man,” which was pretty much the only thing I could find. It’s a great little zine from 1980, featuring some fun photographs of a rather generic-looking white college professor-type from 1980—shaggy hair, beard, glasses, jean jacket, light pants, too-large tie, low-top converse (I think)—paired with some tongue-in-cheek text. Good stuff.

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