Denver & Topeka on Pro 400H with a competent camera…

So far, I’ve shared images from my Denver trip made with two Holgas (the 135BC and the 120N), the FPP Debonair, and the OM10. Due to operator error, the roll from the 135BC and one roll from the OM10 were largely unusable, though I did get some decent results from the small-format, 35mm OM10. I started the trip with a pro pack of Fuji Pro 400H. Four of them went down in a shootout between the Holga 120N and the Debonair, and I saved the fifth the the excellent, pro-am Yashica-Mat 124, but ended up leaving it in the bag for most of the trip…

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Jim Grey – ‘Vinyl Village’

If you’re not a subscriber to Jim Grey’s excellent newsletter or regular visitor to his blog, stop reading right now and do yourself a favor: subscribe directly. At least go visit his blog. Grey writes about his life: his career, his family, and his experience with both, alongside camera reviews, film reviews, and, occasionally, the great little photobooks he makes.

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Bumdog Torres – ‘6 Feet Back From Life’

6 Feet Back From Life: A Homeless Man’s Photo Essay On Life During Coronavirus is a collection of Bumdog Torres’ photographs and writings from 2020 and early 2021. Much of the writing and many of the photographs previously appeared on LAist, Medium, and perhaps elsewhere, so you may already be familiar. I became aware of Torres thanks to swerdnaekalb’s great interview with him, and I encourage you to read that and Torres’s other writing. He’s doing great things.

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Berkley Lake, Denver CO

Our last morning in Denver, on the way out of town, Mom and I stopped by Aunt Patty’s and went for a walk around Berkeley Lake and her neighborhood before heading off to Topeka.

And, yes, my (so far) endless Denver coverage continues… Apologies, perhaps, and enjoy!

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Wim Wenders – ‘Written in the West Revisited’

I was aware of Wim Wenders thanks to some sort of avant-garde interview thing I only dimly recall: a woman’s voice reciting questions and breathlessly saying “Vim Vindehrrrs” over and over and over, and Wenders replying with some sort of images flashing across the screen and all of it auf deutsch. I think I have it on DVD somewhere maybe, probably bootlegged or otherwise duped. At the time, I was deeply invested in my art and/or grad school education, and so dug the (to me) nonsense interview. I couldn’t understand a word of it (despite 4 years of Deutsch in die Hoch Schule). smh. And guess what? I never saw a Wenders film… Not Paris, Texas, not the Buena Vista Social Club, none of them. :facepalm:

So when I started seeing Wenders mentioned on the @filmphotographic or @jasonlee Instagram, I knew the name and had an idea, I thought, but I didn’t know he was a photographer and it took awhile before I bought a book. Written in the West Revisited was the first one I went for, or the first one I grabbed off the to-review shelves anyway.

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The Flatiron Hike

I hope you’re not tiring of my Denver trip pictures… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I took a trip to visit Mom in Arkansas, and she and I drove to Denver to visit Aunt Patty. I spent most of Holga Week 2021 in the Mile High, then had a layover in Topeka, KS, on the way back to Arkansas to drop off Mom and sleep off my road weariness before returning home. If you’ve been following along, you know this already, and have already seen scenes from and heard stories from the trip, so apologies in advance, but it’s going to be Denver Trip for a few weeks yet…

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