‘William Eggleston’s Guide’

What can I say about William Eggleston’s Guide? It’s just one of those photobooks that everyone knows. You’ve probably got a copy; if not, you’ve seen all the pictures enough times that you don’t need one. Even those lucky people who pay no attention to photography or photobooks have seen a few of the pictures thousands of times. I had it on my ‘to buy’ list for many years, after seeing what must have been a first edition copy in Half Price Books for more money than I wanted to spend at that time.

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Martin Parr – ‘Black & White’ (Café Royal Books)

Did you know that Martin Parr started out with black & white film, or shot it from time to time after making his name with color? I didn’t, not until I acquired a complete set of his Café Royal Books zines from the Martin Parr Foundation shop, all signed and presented in a handsome slipcover…

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Raymond Meeks – ‘ciprian honey cathedral’

Raymond Meeks’ ‘ciprian honey cathedral’ is a meditation on home and family, and it’s the sort of book I’d like to make, more or less. Looking through it makes me want to pick up the camera again, start looking again, and I know it’s impossible for me to make Meeks’ book, so the cameras continue gathering dust even though I know I’ll only make my book by making pictures…

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Joe Greer – ‘nyc, i love you…’

I’m not exactly sure where or how I came across Joe Greer and his 2020 book nyc, i love you…, but I did. And I guess I’m glad I did, as it’s sold out now and Google auto-suggests “joe greer nyc I love you for sale,” which suggests there’s some demand…

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Shinya Fujiwara – ‘Kashmir’ (with bonus ‘Rocky Cruise’)

After spending time with Shinya Fujiwara’s American Roulette, I just had to have more, and so I went on a hunt. His 1978 travel guidebook Kashmir popped up and I think I paid all of $7 for it… Win!

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Alec Soth – ‘Gathered Leaves Annotated’

I preordered Alec Soth’s Gathered Leaves Annotated within seconds of the Mack announcement hitting my Inbox. It was one of the last, if not the last buy-it-now, impulse, knee-jerk photobook purchases of my crazed, fomo-driven, debt-creating photobook collecting hobby (now thankfully on hiatus, if not gone forever). What was I afraid of missing out on? Read on to find out…

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