Grapevine Lake & Other Bad Photos

After finding all the overlapping in the last half roll of Lomo Berlin Kino that I shot for Holga Week, I wondered if film thickness was to blame. Berlin Kino is perhaps 2% thicker than normal film and maybe the camera got fooled somehow? I somehow didn’t think to check the first test rolls for overlapping (FPP RetroChrome 160, Kodak ProImage 100 both normal sorts of commercial film). Ends up, they didn’t overlap at all.

Anyway. I happened to load a roll of FPP Derev Pan 400 into the Minolta Vista Panorama one day and noticed how incredibly thin that film is, and so quickly grabbed the other roll I had and stuffed it into the 135BC…

How did it do? Well… there was no overlapping, anyway.

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Jim Goldberg – ‘Fingerprint’

I’ve been on the Stanley/Barker email list for some time now… for many months, this posed a problem stemming from an undiagnosed compulsive disorder, whereby I bought pretty much every photobook or photobook-adjacent object that came to my attention. If it was just the Stanley/Barker list, it would be bad enough, but I’m also on the Mack and Aperture lists, and they put out far more books than do Stanley/Barker.

Anyway, sometime in early 2021 they announced the forthcoming Fingerprint, a collection of facsimile polaroids (the peel-apart type) from Jim Goldberg, made during his time working on Raised by Wolves. I somehow skipped the first round… maybe I waited too long and it sold out (it did so in 5 days). Then, in March, 2021, they announced a second printing and I jumped on it.

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Jim Goldberg – ‘Raised by Wolves’

In early 2021, Stanley/Barker announced Jim Goldberg‘s Fingerprint, a collection of polaroids from Goldberg’s Raised by Wolves project. At the time, as regards photobooks, I was in mindless ‘Buy It Now’ mode, but somehow missed out on the first printing. (They sold out in 5 days.) Stanley/Barker announced a second printing in March and I jumped on that one. When it arrived, I realized that I probably needed to know something about the project these images came from, for context and review purposes, and after some days repeatedly refreshing bookfinder, I found a beat up copy of Raised by Wolves from the Richmond Public Library for less than 1/4 of the going rate.

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Mom’s Flowers & Scenes from the Road (Trip)

Well, after four or fivesixweeks of pictures from the trip to Denver with Mom, I’m left with a few packs of Polaroid: a pack of Black & White SX-70 and one of Color SX-70 from Mom’s, and a pack of 600 Color from Mom’s and (mostly) Kansas.


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Ross McDonnell – ‘Joyrider’

Ross McDonnell‘s Joyrider was the Charcoal Photobook of the Month for October, 2021. Due to production and shipping delays, it only arrived here on December 3. The book is a look inside the now long-demolished Ballymun projects in Dublin, at the young people who hung out in the abandoned housing estate and what they got up to in the months leading up to the Block’s demolition. As one might expect, for whatever reason and on whatever side of the political spectrum, it’s not the most upbeat look at adolescence.

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