Alisa Resnik – ‘On the Night That We Leave’

Alisa Resnik‘s On the Night That We Leave was the Charcoal Photobook of the Month for January 2022. It’s a little bit bittersweet for me. I cancelled my subscription auto-renewal, and so this is the penultimate book from my multi-year subscription. Admittedly, this probably colors my thoughts some. Anyway. It’s an interesting and very Charcoal-y book, beautifully printed, with imagery and pacing that invites narrative. The images are almost never in sharp focus and feature muted colors that shift into the green/brown spectrum; Resin’s subjects appear alternately dejected and ecstatic, depressed and wondering. I would make some quip like “no wonder they want to leave,” but that’s too obvious.

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‘Forever Saul Leiter’

I’ve written before about not really needing another Saul Leiter book. I mean, I have Early Color and Early Black & White and, thanks to Charcoal, All about Saul Leiter. But something about Forever Saul Leiter tickled my fancy and at $25, shipped from the UK—at time of purchase it was unavailable in the US—I couldn’t pass it up.

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Victor D’Allant – ‘Tulsa, OK’

If you don’t follow Andrew Molitor’s blog and Twitter, do yourself a favor and rectify that right now. If not for him, for better or worse, I probably wouldn’t have learned of Victor D’Allant’s Tulsa, OK, and if not for a sort of joking comment I left on his initial review of it, in which I offered to trade my copy of Stuart Jeffries’ Everything, Everywhere, all the Time for it, I wouldn’t have a copy…

In fact, if you’re interested in a competent review of Tulsa, OK, go and read Molitor’s first and second reviews of it. In what follows, I’m unlikely to add much.

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Battle of the Ultra Wide (& Slim)s

When I first heard that RETO planned to produce a copy of the Ultra Wide & Slim camera, I didn’t need another camera… But at $25, I really couldn’t pass it up either… It was a quick impulse preorder/purchase, using ApplePay on my phone, and to my horror and fury, instead of $25, or $33 maybe after shipping, it was $50… Shipping from China or wherever was exactly the same price as the camera. Subhanallah. Had I known, I probably wouldn’t have bothered, but ApplePay moves fast, and about 3 months later, a nice dark grey RETO Ultra Wide & Slim arrived in my hot little hands.

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Larry Clark – ‘Tulsa’

Larry Clark’s Tulsa is one of those photography sets/books/exhibitions that everyone pretty much knows about and so I won’t go on an on about it. It launched Clark’s career and influenced a ton of movies and other photo projects. In it, Clark pretty much just photographed his friends, which wouldn’t be particularly remarkable, but for the fact that his friends were a bunch of speed freaks, happily shooting up in front of the camera in 1963, in front of a movie camera in 1968, and, somewhat more desperately and disastrously, once again in front of the camera in 1971.

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Todd Hido – ‘Silver Meadows’

Silver Meadows was the first B-Sides Boxed Set to appear. It was long out of print when I first discovered B-Sides and I scored this signed Artist’s Proof (#AP/500) only last year, around the same time that I dropped a nearly equivalent, rather embarrassingly large amount of money on Excerpts from Silver Meadows, when B-Sides offered a few of them during an Xmas sale. With it, I now have what is, so far, a complete set of B-Sides Boxed Sets, which fills me with a sense of excitement similar to the excitement I still feel about about the double handful of complete Tops and Fleer baseball card sets I acquired over a year or two back in the late 1980s. Not the excitement 10 year old me had back then, but the distant, wildly diminished feeling of excitement the 40+-year-old me still has about those card sets, card sets that were stolen from me in 1995 or 6. Some excitement, that is, for sure, but not much, really…

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Ice & Snow in Black & Blue

Snow in North Texas is an event. Really, it’s not too unusual: it probably snows 1/4 inch or so every third year, and maybe we see the odd 6 or 14 inches once a decade. Last year’s snowpocalypse was unusual more for the excruciatingly low temperatures (1F or 0F or -1F depending on who you ask) and the massive failures of the deregulated, profit-driven energy grid and water system. Nearly one year later, we only saw 16F or 17F and only for a day. Here in Dallas County, it went easy, and it went mostly ok in the rest of the state too, though only due to the “mild” temperatures. Anything much lower and the grid would’ve failed again, and the governor and many legislators are doing everything they can to ensure its profitability in hopes that profit will encourage companies to harden their power plants against future climate events.


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