Louis Quail – ‘Big Brother’

Big Brother is a moving portrait of Louis Quail‘s older brother, Justin, who suffers from Schizophrenia. It’s a loving call to see beyond the disease, to see the humanity in difference, and a sort of love story, tracking the relationship between Justin and his long-term girlfriend Jackie, and it was the Charcoal Book Club photobook of the month for May, 2020.

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Jason Fulford – ‘Picture Summer on Kodak Film’

Jason Fulford‘s Picture Summer on Kodak Film came out more than a year ago now, right as the pandemic was really getting going. I didn’t plan on picking up a copy, as I was in debt reduction mode when it was announced, and to be honest I was surprised when it arrived. I’m not mad or anything: I have another book of his, and while my review of that one isn’t my best, and while I’m not entirely sure I get his work, I’ve come around to Picture Summer.

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Eid al Adha on expired film

Eid al Adha, the celebration of the sacrifice, begins on the 13th of Dhu al-Hijja and lasts for 4 days, and commemorates Abraham’s sacrifice. God willing, it serves as a reminder to be patient, generous, and willing to give of ourselves and our wealth. In 2021, it fell on the 20th of July* and I took the day off to worship and spend time with family.

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Maxwell Schiano – ‘New York City Vibe, Volume One’

Maxwell Schiano’s New York City Vibe, volume One: “A Photo Zine Celebrating NYC Food Carts” is exactly what it says on the tin: a so-called “perfect bound” collection of photographs of food carts in New York City.

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Nathan Pearce – ‘Right Past Harper Valley’ & ‘Sara didn’t like to be in the pictures’

I’m a long time Nathan Pearce fan, so when I realized he put out two new zines, I jumped on them immediately. Both have good stories and reasons for being: Pearce shot the images for Right Past Harper Valley with his nephew, Journey Carter Withrow, and they share credits for the zine, and Sara didn’t like to be in the pictures. has a painful backstory.

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(not) channeling Hiromix

If you think you can just throw some film in a cheap camera, shoot around awhile, and come up with Girls Blue or Hiromix, think again. I knew I couldn’t, knew it would take much more than 2 rolls, and if I really want to try, I need to keep at it for a year or so, amass something like the 30,000 negatives Hiromix reportedly* sifted through for Girls Blue. But, stunned by my near complete failure, I haven’t kept up with it, though if I want to get there, I really need to keep going…

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Clare Gallagher – ‘The Second Shift’

What is The Second Shift? Well…

The Second Shift is the term given to the hidden shift of housework and childcare primarily carried out by women on top of their paid employment. It is physical, mental and emotional labour which demands effort, skill and time but is unpaid, unaccounted for, unequally distributed and largely unrecognised.

Gallagher, Clare. The Second Shift. Self Published, 2019. unpaginated.
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