Inge Morath – The Road to Reno

In 1960, Arthur Miller, at the urging of producer Frank Taylor, contracted with Magnum to make some publicity shots during the filming of The Misfits. Inge Morath was one of the nine photographers invited, and she took the opportunity to take a long road trip with her colleague Henri Cartier Bresson and her typewriter. The duo rented a car and took a slow, 18 day drive from New York, through Gettysburg, Memphis, and Albuquerque, to Reno. Morath logged her experiences on her typewriter in motel rooms every night, wrote a lengthy manuscript, made selections, and then shoved everything in a file.

Her family and friends knew the story, saw the photographs, but The Road to Reno presented her photographs and writing from the trip and around set of The Misfits for the first time.

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Emmet Gowin – ‘Mariposas Nocturnas’

Mariposas Nocturnas: moths of Central and South America: a study in beauty and diversity was Charcoal Book Club’s photobook of the month for April, 2019. Once again—and it’s done it many times before and since, and hopefully for many months to come—Charcoal sent me something I wouldn’t have acquired on my own, and am happy enough to have it in my collection. Interestingly, it’s a sort forms the beginnings of a collection and has led me to recategorize one of the old books in my collection.

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First time with Rollei RPX 400

Last winter, I ordered up one of CameraFilmPhoto’s 120 Film Advent Calendars, and picked up a bunch of black & white film that I’d never shot in 120 before. Most of it is still in the fridge, but I took out two rolls a month or so ago, and Rollei RPX 400 was the first up.

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Amani Willet – ‘A Parallel Road’

Amani Willett‘s A Parallel Road is one of the most important books/zines I’ve had the privilege to purchase in a long time. I’m not sure where I heard about it, and big thanks to who/whatever alerted me to it.

Before we go any further, do yourself a favor and go buy a copy now. It’s not often that I review a book or zine almost immediately after receipt, if that gives you any indication…

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Aaron Schuman – ‘Slant’

When I first heard of Aaron Schuman’s Slant, my first thought was “Emily Dickinson… Rebecca Norris Webb” and I preordered it straight away. (Yes, I have a problem.) A couple of months passed and Mack emailed to say that they were nearly sold out so I quickly ordered it, as to not miss out. From the press about the book, I was excited to see Shuman’s use of found text, to add it to my collection of ways photographers use text alongside images.

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Deep Freeze, TX

If you’re unaware, that is, if you were living on top of a faraway mountain with no access to national or international news, or if you’re reading this far into the future and have forgotten, the polar vortex slid down into Texas, all the way to the Rio Grande, late on Valentine’s Day, or early on President’s Day, 2021. The pleasant, if unseasonably warm weather here in North Texas, turned, became wildly and very unusually cold. In the wee hours of the 16th, the temperature dropped to 1℉ (-17℃), with a high on Tuesday of 7… 7. And between the 15th and 19th, the temperature hovered in the low to mid teens and we got about 10 inches of snow.

I knew it was coming, sorta. I mulched our younger trees the week before and we stocked up on some groceries early, but I had no idea how bad it was going to get, and it got really bad locally and all over the state. The power grid failed, water systems failed, water pipes burst all over. We had it easy, really, and made it through relatively unscathed; many others had it much, much harder.

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