Erik Kessels – ‘Notes On Accidents’ B-Sides Box Set

Erik Kessles was a strange choice for the fourth B-Sides Box. If you’re unfamiliar, Kessels is an artist that works with photography, largely found, partially produced by KesselsKramer. I sadly missed his 2011 exhibition ’24 Hrs in Photos’ and his series of books of found photography In almost every picture, but I was aware of them, and admire the project. It’s just that the first two B-Sides Boxes featured work from Artists who use cameras to make art, and Kessels uses photography itself…

I’m not complaining… Honest.

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Marianne Müller – ‘A Part of My Life’

NSFW. Fair warning: there is full frontal nudity and whatnot through most of the book. It’s not prurient, or doesn’t seem meant to be: this isn’t a pornographic book.* Think Francesca Woodman rather than Larry Flynt.

Disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the book.

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Rebecca Norris Webb – ‘The Glass Between Us’

I spotted Rebecca Norris Webb’s The Glass Between Us: Reflections on Urban Creatures in a local Half Price Books store, signed, for $70, if I recall. At the time (and before, and still) it was a load of money to drop all at once, but I just couldn’t resist.

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Rinko Kawauchi – ‘Illuminance’

I’m not sure what prompted me to buy Rinko Kawauchi‘s Illuminance. From the packaging, I suspect I bought it from Target, but I can’t find the receipt or any record of the purchase, and the sources that usually drive (or drove) my photobook acquisition strategy were silent on it in the weeks and months before I filmed the unboxing.

Anyway. However I happened to pick it up, I’m glad I did…

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