Keith Carter – ‘From Uncertain to Blue’

Many years ago, when I first got interested in photography (again), when Ted Forbes’ podcast was still published through iTunes, Forbes did a piece on Keith Carter. I’ve kept an eye out for one of Carter’s books ever since, but until January 2019, I’d only ever seen Ezekiel’s Horse, and wasn’t particularly interested in that […]

Alan Huck – ‘I Walk Towards the Sun Which is Always Going Down’

More the the longest and most unwieldy title for a photobook ever, Alan Huck’s I Walk Towards the Sun Which is Always Going Down is his partially fictional chronicle of some amount of time spent living in and roaming around Albuquerue, NM, turned into a sort of novelistic meditation on place and photography.

Nathan Benn – ‘A Peculiar Paradise’

A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs is exactly what it claims to be: photographs, made in Florida, by former National Geographic photographer (and one time head of Magnum) Nathan Benn. Most—if not all—of the photographs were made in two Geographic-funded trips, one in 1973, “to fill out another photographer’s coverage of the flourishing Cuban-born community centered […]

Talia Chetrit – ‘Showcaller’

For Showcaller, the 2018 exhibition at Kölnischer Kunstverein and this 2019 monograph from Mack, Talia Chetrit deftly wove together selfies and pictures of her friends and family from the early 1990s, with early art projects and much later series, to make something of a statement about gaze and agency and power and things. I’m pretty […]

Tod Papageorge – ‘Dr. Blankman’s New York’

The very first picture that appears in Tod Papageorge’s Dr. Blankman’s New York shows a pair of storefronts: a florist, and the titular Dr. S. H. Blankman Optometrist, who offers (small print) Contact Lenses, and, in larger print than his name, claims “EYES EXAMINED.” Ok. Ok. I’m not that dense. 1) this echoes the opener […]