Unboxing ‘Beyond Caring’ (Errata Editions)

In Beyond Caring, Paul Graham chronicles the breakdown in the British Social Welfare system during the heyday of Thatcherism in the early- and mid-1980s. This Errata Editions version (Books on Books #9) reproduces every page in the original book, alongside essays by David Chandler and Jeffrey Ladd, and it’s a great way to experience the work, in book form, now that original versions are fetching $350 dollars or more…
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Unboxing William Kline’s ‘New York’

William Kline’s Life is Good and Good For You in New York Trance Witness Revels is one of those low print run, long out of print, wildly expensive, classic photobooks that pop up in discussions from time to time. I don’t recall what brought it to mind for me, but I went hunting and was able to find the Errata Editions reprint (Books on Books #5) for a song. Continue reading “Unboxing William Kline’s ‘New York’”

Unwrapping ‘Jack Pierson’

I stumbled across this 2008 catalog from an exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in the Photography section of a Half Price Books, shelved incorrectly, shoved in between a couple of large Ann Geddes books and sortof pushed to the back, as if someone was trying to hide it. It was still in the wrapper from the publisher, and the only copy in the store, so I couldn’t get a look inside. I was intrigued.

I posted a picture on twitter and asked if anyone was aware of it, hemmed and hawed for a bit: should I or shouldn’t I? I figured $7 wasn’t too much, and I had a 50% off coupon, so I pulled the trigger.

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