Daniel Tim – ‘Close Your Eyes It’s Too Much’

It took a few viewings, but Daniel Tim’s Close Your Eyes It’s Too Much has grown on me. I’ve grown a little bit tired of straight-ahead street photography, and the book is just full of it, shot in Hong Kong, on film, and I’m ashamed to say that the first time(s) I flipped through it, I flipped quickly.

But after three or four times, I started to notice some things, not so much in the individual pictures, but in the relationships between them. Continue reading “Daniel Tim – ‘Close Your Eyes It’s Too Much’”

Unboxing ‘Pages from the Glossies’

I have a modest photobook collection, something in the neighborhood of 150 volumes, give or take, and not counting theory books or zines. I’ve tried to be rather democratic in my collecting, picking up books from professionals and amateurs, masters and novices, documentarians and artists, but upon reading Anil Mistry’s review of Pages from the Glossies on 35mmc, I realized something was missing from my collection: fashion.

Sure, I have books from Klein and Avedon, but the books I have from them are their books of social commentary: (Life is Good and Good for You in) New York and Nothing Personal (with William Baldwin). So I figured I needed some proper fashion photography in my collection, and jumped on Pages from the GlossiesContinue reading “Unboxing ‘Pages from the Glossies’”