Bill Sullivan – ‘Pure Country’

I’m (mostly) a color (hack) photographer. I appreciate the fun colors of (some) expired film, of Lomography’s Purple stock, but not of Psychedelic Blues so much, and I’ve long wanted to try Tri-Chromes (or whatever it is where you take three b/w photographs with r/g/b filters on the front and combine them in the darkroom […]

Nathan Pearce – ‘High and Also Lonesome’

After hearing about, and subsequently purchasing, ‘Midwest Dirt,’ I’ve been a fan of Nathan Pearce‘s work. I’ve picked up a few over the past couple of years, too many to link to, and his use of an Action Sampler-type camera for one zine continues to inspire. So when I stumbled across a new Pearce zine, […]

Rachel Filler – ‘Do I make you happy more than I make you sad?’

Rachel Filler‘s Do I make you happy more than I make you sad? is a sort of celebration of youthful friendship and relationships. In the faces and gestures, I see some of the exuberance and wonder I felt, like, 20 years ago, and I simultaneously miss that feeling and am glad to be beyond it […]