Suzanne Winterberger – “Prototype Man”

“Prototype Man” is a great little zine from 1980. I found Suzanne Winterberger thanks to In/Sights, and ran to pick up “Prototype Man,” which was pretty much the only thing I could find. It’s a great little zine from 1980, featuring some fun photographs of a rather generic-looking white college professor-type from 1980—shaggy hair, beard, […]

Jason Tippet – ‘Heading to Bill’s for Cigarettes’

I picked up Jason Tippet’s Heading to Bill’s for Cigarettes after reading his interview with Blake Andrews back in February 2020. It sounded like the sort of project I’ve been slowly formulating (but not shooting for or starting on in any way shape or form) for some years, and so I jumped on it. As […]