Unboxing ‘Fred Herzog: Modern Color’

Fred  Herzog: Modern Color, has been sitting in my “to review” pile for nearly a year (or more?), since I jumped on a pre-order of it (if I recall). I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for… time to look more closely at it, probably, and the work deserves more time than I’ve given it. Herzog’s street work from 1950s and 60s Vancouver is gorgeous and Hatje Cantz did a great job with the printing. Continue reading “Unboxing ‘Fred Herzog: Modern Color’”

Unboxing ‘Photobook Phenomenon’

I got hip to Photobook Phenomenon many months ago, thanks to Jorg Colberg and Conscientious. It’s less a photobook than a collection of zines, featuring theoretical and historical essays, a survey of great book(cover)s from Martin Parr’s collection, and a poster, all held together in a sealed slipcase with a pull-tab that you need “Remove only in case of reading –>” Continue reading “Unboxing ‘Photobook Phenomenon’”

Unboxing ‘Nighttime Adventures in Neopan’

Dan Smith and Barnaby Nutt like the nighttime, the way street lights pool and dissolve into the darkness, and their split zine ‘Nighttime Adventures in Neopan’ showcases this shared fascination. As Nutt writes, “Man’s attempts to remove the shadows and so keep at bay the imagined dangers lurking within, create a beauty that we feel excited enough by to roam the street after dark with camera and tripod, while most people are settling down in front of the telly.”

Television off… let me grab a camera… Continue reading “Unboxing ‘Nighttime Adventures in Neopan’”