With #BIFscale17 just around the corner, and with me wanting to take part in something, to have a social aspect to my hobby, and only just now getting into social media again via Twitter, and all the fun and mild intellectual stimulation that has to offer, I figured I should test a roll of Redscale film before jumping in. So I grabbed the LC-A, loaded up a roll of Ultrafine Red Dragon 100, and started shooting. Continue reading “Redscale!”

One Week with the One Touch 100 (RF2)

Twas the day before that major December holiday, and the Hanabibti and I were out rummaging around a new for-profit thrift store that opened down the street, when I dug deep into a jumbled mass of old electronic components and pulled out the Nikon One Touch 100.

Sure, the front was scratched up a bit and the neck strap connector was torn out of the side, but at $1.98, the price was right.

I opened the battery compartment to check for corrosion and found two AA’s inside, the old type with the little pads for checking the charge on the side. I checked them and both showed about 1/3, so I reinstalled them, pointed the camera around the shop and clicked the shutter some. The the shutter clicked, the flash fired, the winder motor wound: it looked and sounded like it worked…

$1.98? Sold.
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LC-Anstax, Monochrome

Fuji announced their new Monochrome Instax in September to great fanfare, and packs started appearing on shelves in October. I picked up 5 packs to try to join in on a Dan K-sponsored contest on Twitter a couple of months ago. Sadly, they didn’t arrive in time to participate, but it did spur me to shoot more Instax, so that’s a good thing, and I’m glad I picked some Monochrome up. It’s different from its colored brethren, somehow more precious, more serious, less spontaneous and fun. It’s still Instax, for sure, just a bit different, and I think the LC-Anstax does it justice.*

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of #lunchbreak walks and remjet

I miss my #lunchbreak walks. I’m not sure why I gave them up, probably I’m just lazy, but maybe I can pass it off on the weather, maybe it got bad for a bit and kept me indoors and I just got out of the habit. I’ve recently, tentatively, started up again: it’s nice to go for a quick walk around the parking garage, or nearby apartments, or nearby strip malls in the middle of the day and get the blood moving. The scenery isn’t too inspiring—though I grabbed some nice shots in early 2016—what with a parking garage, an apartment complex, and 2 strip malls the only things I can walk to, around, and back in 30 minutes or less.

These days, though, I have to force myself, and while doing a bit of heavy breathing feels great and really improves my mood the rest of the day, I’d rather spend the 30 minutes praying and reading. I make so little time to read these days, and while I can pray on a (paid) 10 or 15 minute break, it’s nice to stretch out and pray all the sunnahs and a nafl or two, and a spiritual break in the middle of the day is (or could be, if I was a better servant of Allah azza wa jall) better than a mere body break, though both are necessary for optimal functioning.

Anyway, it was getting late in the week, and I’d only shot one long exposure light trail thing and a few frames of the fog one morning, so when lunchtime came, I grabbed the camera, and away I went. Continue reading “of #lunchbreak walks and remjet”

This FP4+ Party is on FIRE!

For this month’s #FP4+ Party, and after being disappointed with much of my shooting over the past few months, I decided to try some macro-type stuff this time. I dressed the FE up in the Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 and PK-13 and started looking for stuff to shoot.

Didn’t find much.

It was a bit cool outside and rained some early in the week, and my darling, adorable wife seized the opportunity to get a fire going, and I got to shooting…

It’s remarkably difficult to focus on fire. I let the FE handle the exposure, more or less. I wanted a narrower aperture than I could focus or handhold, even (unknowingly) pushing the FP4+ to the astronomical heights of EI200.

I’m a party animal, I am.

Cloudy, with a chance of Orwo NP7

Back in January, I ordered up a mess of Compania Imago film. I was especially excited by their recycled wood and plastic film canisters and the (exceedingly remote) possibility of reusing them to roll some whatever whenever. I’ve shot through most all of that film now, and just have one roll of ancient Ansco left in the fridge. I’m saving that one because it’s so old; I was saving this one because I had such trouble with it the first time (largely due to my own errors, but still: once bitten and all). This time, I was sure to get my settings all set, and I think I got it right, or right enough.

The negatives are ludicrously dense, probably fogged by age and poor storage or something. God knows. But at EI 200, everything came out fine, though I did have to ‘scan’ them with a ridiculously long exposure. B/W negatives usually get something like f/8 and 1/60th; Color usually goes more like f/5.6 and 1/30th. I scanned the Orwo NP7 at f/5.6 and 1/8th: thank God for sturdy tripods. Continue reading “Cloudy, with a chance of Orwo NP7”