of #lunchbreak walks and remjet

I miss my #lunchbreak walks. I’m not sure why I gave them up, probably I’m just lazy, but maybe I can pass it off on the weather, maybe it got bad for a bit and kept me indoors and I just got out of the habit. I’ve recently, tentatively, started up again: it’s nice to go for a quick walk around the parking garage, or nearby apartments, or nearby strip malls in the middle of the day and get the blood moving. The scenery isn’t too inspiring—though I grabbed some nice shots in early 2016—what with a parking garage, an apartment complex, and 2 strip malls the only things I can walk to, around, and back in 30 minutes or less.

These days, though, I have to force myself, and while doing a bit of heavy breathing feels great and really improves my mood the rest of the day, I’d rather spend the 30 minutes praying and reading. I make so little time to read these days, and while I can pray on a (paid) 10 or 15 minute break, it’s nice to stretch out and pray all the sunnahs and a nafl or two, and a spiritual break in the middle of the day is (or could be, if I was a better servant of Allah azza wa jall) better than a mere body break, though both are necessary for optimal functioning.

Anyway, it was getting late in the week, and I’d only shot one long exposure light trail thing and a few frames of the fog one morning, so when lunchtime came, I grabbed the camera, and away I went. Continue reading “of #lunchbreak walks and remjet”