tuer le Fantôme I: ne reste pas

When Lomography announced its Fantôme and Babylon Kino films, I hesitated at first, then went ahead and ordered 5 rolls of each. I wasn’t too excited about some slow black & white film, but I appreciate what Lomography are doing, and want to support new (and newly available thanks to repackaging) film stocks. They took […]

reloading 126 cartridges: Kodachrome X

Given the issues I had with the Fakmatic (light leaks, inability to track progress, requirement to wind multiple times), I decided to try my luck with some 126 cartridges and ordered up a few expired rolls. A roll of 1975 expired Kodachrome X was first to arrive. I reclaimed the film, wound it onto a […]

Enter the Agfamatic 200

I don’t quite remember what exactly got into me. Something about wanting some square sprocket images or something, if I recall. Or maybe I got tempted by one of the 1-2-6 days (December 6, January 26, 12 June) somehow. Who knows. But there I was, one day in October, watching some of the FPP videos […]