Ah, Canon Sure Shot 115u, I hardly knew ya

I spotted this pretty little camera in the back of the jewelry case at my local Goodwill a month or so ago, hemmed and hawed for about 10 minutes, bought it, ran 3 rolls through it, then packed it up and sent it off to my EmulsiveSanta recipient last week. It’s not a bad camera at all, after all, it was one of Canon’s last compact film cameras, and by 2003 they surely knew what they were doing with auto-everything, point-and-shoot cameras, but I sent a camera in last year’s EmulsiveSanta thing (the Pentax Espio 35-70), so I felt obligated to send one this year too, and this little Canon Sure Shot 115u was the best camera I had that I felt comfortable gifting, so I said goodbye and off it went. Continue reading “Ah, Canon Sure Shot 115u, I hardly knew ya”

Please Support Analog Photography

With 17 days remaining in their campaign, Silberra are 17% of the way toward their goal of building a new film production facility and bringing multiple brand new film stocks to market. $115,000 is a lofty goal, but it seems reasonable, given their goals.

Yesterday, the Reflex Kickstarter started. Reflex is a modular 35mm SLR system. The body has built in flash and LED, meter, prism, etc. Backs are daylight-changable and the lens mount is available in M42 (standard), Nikon, Canon FD, Olympus OM, and Pentax PK, and also hot-swappable. This sounds like a sort of One-Camera-to-Rule-Them-All type thing. It’s really an interesting idea. At time of writing, they’re 2/3 of the way towards their goal, and it looks like they’ll reach it comfortably.

Meanwhile, that Yashica thing is… sheesh.

I don’t usually advertise, and I don’t have the reach of, say, Hamish and 35mmc, Mike at shootfilmco, or Em and Emulsive, but I encourage you to participate. I don’t have the bucks to back these at the level I’d like, but I put down some cash on both, and if you have the means, even $1 will help. We can bemoan the state of the analog photography industry, complain about Fuji and Ferrania and Impossible Polaroid Originals, but when new companies come along that are honestly trying to bring new life to an industry we love, how can we but support them at whatever level we’re able?

Agfa Optima Sensor 535, unboxing and overview

During my mad rush for a compact rangefinder, I went on a hunt for an Agfa Optima Sensor 1535, one of the more unique- and interesting-looking, and one of the last, compact rangefinders out there. They’re fairly rare, and usually in the $100+ range, so when I spotted one on Etsy for $50, I jumped on it. When I opened the box and found a 535, I was first annoyed, then angered, and later realized it was probably my own mad rush, and not anything nefarious from the seller.

It’s not at all what I wanted—a compact rangefinder—or expected, but I gave it a try anyway, and I’m pleasantly surprised… Continue reading “Agfa Optima Sensor 535, unboxing and overview”

building a new sweep

After 2 or 3 years of use, my previous foam board sweep was dented and dinged, but still mostly usable, but it was just a bit too small. I had some leftover foam board sitting around, and promised Jim Grey that I’d write up a how-to post, so I made a new one over the weekend.

Really, it’s very easy to make one of these. You need 4 things: a sheet of white (or black, or whatever color) foam board, a straight edge, an X-Acto knife (or other sharp blade), and about 15 minutes.

Continue reading “building a new sweep”