Vacation, Shmaycation… but at least it was foggy for part of the drive home.

Once the heat of the Texas summer finally broke, I needed a break. I felt a little bit stressed and really rather depressed, and I made plans to drive up to visit Mom in Northwest Arkansas, rest some, sit on the deck and look out at the trees, the valley, the picturesque little farm down there, and just relax and try to get my head straight some.

Alas. My employer had other plans. Continue reading “Vacation, Shmaycation… but at least it was foggy for part of the drive home.”

1970s Ricoh Compacts, part 5 – the Ricoh 500 GX

The Ricoh 500 GX was the last of the Ricoh 500 series to be made in Japan. It’s pretty much a 500 G, with the addition of a multiple exposure switch, battery check button, shutter lock, and little flags that indicate when loaded film and a cocked shutter. In theory, it’s the best of the whole line, and I had high hopes for it.

How did this spur-of-the-moment acquisition work out for me? Read on… Continue reading “1970s Ricoh Compacts, part 5 – the Ricoh 500 GX”

a brief FOMAPAN 200 Creative review

Many months ago, I responded to a giveaway tweet from the incredibly generous Dan K, and ended up with a gift certificate to Camera Film Photo. I decided to take the opportunity to try out some of the other Black & White films* out there and picked up 5 rolls each of Rollei RPX 100, Fomapan Creative 200, and Adox Silvermax. Without that giveaway, I might never have tried Fomapan Creative 200 (or the others), and I would’ve lost out… Continue reading “a brief FOMAPAN 200 Creative review”