The only bad thing about 127 Day is that it follows immediately after 126 day for 2 of the 3 times it rolls around every year (1/27 follows 1/26, June 12 is a month before July 12, 12/7 is a day after 12/6). Shooting a whole pack or roll of film in one day is hard enough without trying to do it again the very next day.

Thankfully, the old, obsolete 127 format is merely 12 frames…

I didn’t take these pictures today… Apologies. I shot them in late December and early January (2021, 2022) shortly after remembering that 126 and 127 days were a thing.

I started the roll with a quick shot of one of the men we hired to cut a huge border into the back yard. Huge border = less mowing, so it’s win for me.

I mostly shot the Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro, my only functional 127 camera, alongside my only functional 126 camera, the Agfamatic 200. So if you saw yesterday’s 126 post, much of this will be familiar.

We went to the park that winds through the fancy older neighborhood in Far East Irving (south Los Colinas).

I took one shot out the car window one day, for no good reason.


And then I banged out the rest of the roll out front of the house one late afternoon.

I was very careful in spooling the film and mostly followed Michael Raso’s instructions, and so managed to keep the 35mm straight for most of the roll. Go me!

Alas, I taped it down a bit far from the actual start point and ended up with only 1/3 of the first frame.


Oh well. I had fun anyway, more or less.

If you haven’t yet started shooting for the January edition of 127 day, you have less than 12 hours (in the Central US, anyway), so get to it! And if you missed it this time, you have two more chances in 2022: July 12 and December 7: plenty of time to acquire a functional 127 camera and either some fresh film, cut down from 120 and available from jrdnmrk on the ‘bay, or some film that you hand-rolled into old spools (do watch the FPP video and be a bit careful, otherwise you’ll end up with weird blurry frames like I did). It’s a good time.

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