126 Day is a day to celebrate 126 format film and cameras that happens 3 times per year: January 26 (1/26), June 12 (12/6), and December 6 (12/6). I missed 12/6/2021 (and 12 June, 2021, and many prior), and when I remembered, I quickly loaded some Foma 200 into an old Kodacolor II cassette to shoot right away (as well as some Pro Image 100 into a Kodachrome X cassette for 1/26).

Since I’m working most of the day today (1/26/2022), here’s most of the roll of Foma 200 that I shot over several days in late December and early January. Enjoy!

We had a bunch of work done in the back yard in December, including installing a new pergola and cutting a huge border on two sides. It’ll mean much money spent on shrubs and all in the future, and also much less mowing… Good times. I grabbed a quick frame of one of the gentlemen pushing a rototiller through the weeds on a quick coffee break from work one morning.


We took a walk in a neighborhood park, maybe Christmas morning, maybe New Years Day. This park winds through a rather fancy older neighborhood in Far East Irving, that forms the earliest and southernmost finger of Las Colinas. I’ve often driven through the neighborhood and wondered how to access the park, and thanks to Google Maps, I found a little parking lot, and we went.

I had some issues with overlapping, and the camera bound up after the picture of the house. I had to put it in a dark bag and manually wind the cassette a bit to continue shooting.


Sometime just around New Years, I felt disgusted that it took me so long to shoot 20 frames, so I went out front and just shot away… I know it’s not a race. I know I don’t owe anyone anything. I know this is supposed to be fun. Still. Sometimes I’m just disgusted.

The best shot of the whole pack came when I dropped the camera one day…


Good times.

And, all in all, the whole pack was a good time. I enjoy shooting the Agfamatic 200, more or less, and hopefully I make it through the pack of ProImage today… Look forward to a post about that… maybe on or about June 12.

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