Getting closer…

I picked up a negative holder—Lomography’s Digitaliza—to aid in this scanning project. It’s a help, for sure: no worries about scratching the film, unlike the cardboard-and-tape versions; sturdy, seemingly well-built; no complaints. But it’s not the solve-all that I had hoped for. I still need to build a rig to keep it sturdy and slide along. […]

Digitizing film without a scanner, redux (part 1)

Well, it only took me 3+ months, and I’m still not quite there, but I’m closer… much closer. After last time’s more-or-less failure (see the initial Digitizing Film without a Scanner series: part 1, part 2, part 3), and with the recent ordering of a dark bag, developing tank, C-41 chemicals, and various other supplies […]