Ah, Canon Sure Shot 115u, I hardly knew ya

I spotted this pretty little camera in the back of the jewelry case at my local Goodwill a month or so ago, hemmed and hawed for about 10 minutes, bought it, ran 3 rolls through it, then packed it up and sent it off to my EmulsiveSanta recipient last week. It’s not a bad camera at all, after all, it was one of Canon’s last compact film cameras, and by 2003 they surely knew what they were doing with auto-everything, point-and-shoot cameras, but I sent a camera in last year’s EmulsiveSanta thing (the Pentax Espio 35-70), so I felt obligated to send one this year too, and this little Canon Sure Shot 115u was the best camera I had that I felt comfortable gifting, so I said goodbye and off it went. Continue reading “Ah, Canon Sure Shot 115u, I hardly knew ya”

Unboxing ‘Farewell to an Idea’

I picked T J Clark’s Farewell to an Idea: Episodes from a History of Modernism on Richard Pickup’s recommendation , and after reading the first paragraphs of the Introduction, I’m glad I did. Funny, dense, serious, accessible, it’ll require some close, careful reading, an exercise of some mental and rhetorical muscles I haven’t used in awhile, and I look forward to it.

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Pretty Please!

With less than 5 days remaining in their campaign, the Silberra Indiegogo campaign is at only 25% of its target… I know some of the recent analog photography kickstarters have been a bit underwhelming, but please don’t let that dissuade you from kicking in $15 or $20 or more for some new black & white film.

Cognitive Dissonance in the Mountains with the Yashica

The last week of October found me in Arkansas (and Oklahoma) for a brief visit with Mom, some photography, and some introspection. I’ve been slow in getting the film processed, so look forward to more photographs from this trip in coming weeks.

For now, it’s all about Cinestill films in the Yashica Mat-124, a party, of sorts, in 5 parts. Continue reading “Cognitive Dissonance in the Mountains with the Yashica”