Yard Work

Today, I’m grateful for yard work.

Yard work, you say? You bet: it’s good, honest exercise that delivers very quick and beautiful results, and it gives me a good opportunity to reflect on Allah azza wa jall. Continue reading “Yard Work”

Unknown M42–>Nikon Infinity Focus adapter review

I wish I’d kept better records about where I got this thing and what I paid for it… Alas. This one looks like it, but I think I might’ve paid a bit more than that… or maybe not. My copy has the same markings on it, that is, all it says is “M42 –> Nikon” with no indication of manufacturer.

Short answer: whatever it was, it was too much, if I was after the best possible image quality.

Long answer… well, it’s complicated. Continue reading “Unknown M42–>Nikon Infinity Focus adapter review”