Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, an appreciation

With Fuji(not)Film’s continued, and continual, discontinuing of various great film stocks, it may seem odd to sing its praises, but they really do/did make some great film. Even the cheap consumer stuff is really quite good, and very versatile. I’ve overexposed it by 5-10 stops, developed it too hot, too cold, too long, and in ancient developer, and managed to pull not only usable, but beautiful results out with very little trouble.

Interestingly while Fuji(Not)Film announced it would be discontinuing 3-packs of 24 and 36 exposure rolls of X-TRA 400 this year, the common (in the US, anyway) 4-packs of 24 exposures are still readily available, and I can barely get out of a CVS or Walgreens without one, so I remain hopeful of its continued availability, though I’d really love to be able to buy 36 exposure rolls with similar ease. And despite my disgust at the corporate behemoth’s callous disregard for an excellent, if somewhat niche, part of its product portfolio (and 1/2 of its name), I’ll probably continue buying and shooting, and may even start stockpiling, Superia 400. I’m a fan. Continue reading “Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, an appreciation”

Ansco Super Hypan, redux

A couple of years back, Compania Imago made some 3d printed film canisters, and I ordered up 10 rolls, partly to support them, but mostly to get some reloadable film canisters.* I shot through most all of that film within 6 or 8 months, but I saved one roll of 1964 expired Ansco Super Hypan. I had mixed results with the first roll and was a bit gun shy, and it was so old, I thought maybe I’d save it for expired film day or something.

Well, something came… Continue reading “Ansco Super Hypan, redux”