2 days (or one afternoon, one day, and one morning) is not enough time to see much at all, but Hana and I really did pack quite a bit in. We enjoyed Atlanta quite a bit: there’s a huge south Asian population there, and we ate at actual Bengali restaurants (you don’t find that in DFW); we stayed in an Air B&B right across from the beautiful Al Farooq Masjid; and encountered almost no racism or islamaphobia whatsoever.

We’ll have to go back again one day…

And if my employer demanded that I move to Atlanta… well, it’s not so mysterious as it used to be, and we could make an argument for going, though whether we would or not, only Allah knows.

If you’re wondering why I shared Old School scans all week and never compared them to my own scans, well, I sent of 5 rolls to them, but my negatives went missing in the mail, so all I have is the scans I downloaded. Really demoralizing… it put me off even shooting for almost a month. Alhamdulillah.

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