Yard Work

Today, I’m grateful for yard work.

Yard work, you say? You bet: it’s good, honest exercise that delivers very quick and beautiful results, and it gives me a good opportunity to reflect on Allah azza wa jall. Continue reading


Today, I’m grateful for feeling, both in terms of sensation and emotion, both “how are you feeling?” or “are you feeling alright?” and “ooo feel this!”

Without sensation, much of life would be dull and empty; without emotion, much of life would be meaningless. As surely as hot and cold remind us of the blessings of each other (ice cream on a hot summer afternoon and hot chocolate on a cold winter morning) happiness and sadness, flow and frustration, joy and rage all serve as important signposts to remind us Allah’s blessings and mercy. Alhamdulillah! Continue reading


Today, I’m thankful for imagination, fantasy, the ability to wonder about the what-if’s, the other-thans, the not-yets, and never-could-bes: whether or not we are capable of achieving what we imagine, even if we wanted to. Continue reading