Shooting Up Babylon

After a disappointing run with my first roll of Lomography Fantôme Kino (seems I only shared that on Twitter, and so I’ll rectify that next week, God willing), I shoved the other rolls of Fantôme and the rolls of the Babylon Kino to the back of the fridge. In an attempt to kickstart some photographic […]

An(other) occurrence at Old Alton Bridge

I wish I had a picture of myself juggling 4 or 5 cameras I had that day in December at the Old Alton Bridge with my darling, adorable wife. And apologies if you’ve tired of seeing the same old scenes over and over again; don’t worry: we’ll go back to Grapevine lake and some film/camera […]

Expired Film Day – Kodachrome 64

This year (2019) Expired Film Day almost didn’t happen… it was only thanks to @schneidan and the encouragement of the community that it did, and it wasn’t just a day, but a whole long weekend! Friday March 15, the Ides of March, through Sunday the 17th. Full disclosure: I’m a sponsor of Expired Film Day. […]

Enter the Action Sampler (clear)

The EmulsiveSanta 2018 gift exchange program found me gifting my chrome Action Sampler. My victim recipient asked for the clear one, and, shame on me, within minutes of dropping the gift in the mail, I went on the ‘bay and found a clear Action Sampler (in Toys ‘R’ Us packaging, with a roll of long […]

FP4+ Party!

I recall swearing off film parties last year sometime… I’m not going to look it up, but astute, regular readers (if there are any of you) might remember. But when the FP4+Party rolled around again, I ran to Don’s and picked up a couple of rolls, then came home and loaded one into the n8008 […]