HP5+ flora

So after fried pies and Irving Penn and all my wife’s good cooking—MashaAllah, my darling, adorable wife is a magnificent cook—Mom headed back home, I went back to work, and the cameras still had HP5+ hanging out in them.

I burned through the rolls as fast I I could stand to, which wasn’t very fast. Oh well. Continue reading “HP5+ flora”

HP5+ goes to Dallas

After a belly full of fried pies and a driving tour of Denton County, naps, a wonderful dinner, and a good night’s sleep, Mom and I went in to Dallas to wander the Clyde Warren Park catch the Irving Penn exhibit. In tow was, once again, the Diana Mini and the Nikon FE, both with partially shot rolls of HP5+ in their bellies… Continue reading “HP5+ goes to Dallas”