HP5+ flora

So after fried pies and Irving Penn and all my wife’s good cooking—MashaAllah, my darling, adorable wife is a magnificent cook—Mom headed back home, I went back to work, and the cameras still had HP5+ hanging out in them. I burned through the rolls as fast I I could stand to, which wasn’t very fast. […]

HP5+ goes to Dallas

After a belly full of fried pies and a driving tour of Denton County, naps, a wonderful dinner, and a good night’s sleep, Mom and I went in to Dallas to wander the Clyde Warren Park catch the Irving Penn exhibit. In tow was, once again, the Diana Mini and the Nikon FE, both with […]

4×5 Roses: HP5+ vs. FP4+

A couple of months ago, I loaded up a bunch of film: 3 holders full of HP5+ and 2 of FP4+. I shot one holder of HP5 maybe a month ago, but they were horribly mis-focused and not correctly exposed. The rest have been sitting, wrapped in zip lock bags, not refrigerated, just waiting, waiting.