I wish I had a picture of myself juggling 4 or 5 cameras I had that day in December at the Old Alton Bridge with my darling, adorable wife. And apologies if you’ve tired of seeing the same old scenes over and over again; don’t worry: we’ll go back to Grapevine lake and some film/camera reviews soon.

But for now, it’s the LC-A 120 and some HP-5+ pushed to 1600 (and developed in Ilfotec HC, 1:31, 14 minutes):

As you may have read over the last few photo posts, we crossed the bridge and walked down the trail for a bit, pausing to duck down some side paths to look at the creek.

Given this was a roll of Ilford film, I didn’t expect light leaks from a fat roll… Maybe it’s some seal degradation? Doubtful, as this is a new-ish camera and no other images on the roll (or previous rolls) have similar light leaks. Oh well. I don’t mind it too much: it’s price of admission for enjoying Lomo cameras…

We crossed back over the bridge, and walked down a bit, then back up to the car. Again: it’s a nice little park, maintained to a minimal extent by the city or county, mostly (and anomalously) crushed by graffiti. I just wish there was a way to make a loop rather than out and back. But that’s what you get when all your city parks are afterthoughts on the side of creeks or rivers on little narrow bits of land that is largely unsuitable for housing or commerce.

And just before getting back into the car, we wandered down into a little hollow that was just lovely and peaceful, largely devoid of ground cover, due to repeated flooding (and probably full of water right now after several days of rain). I had five or six pictures to make there, but only a few frames left on the LC-A120…

Oh well. I guess we’ll just have to go back, and maybe with a spare roll or three in a pocket.

Life’s rough all over, ain’t it.

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