I don’t know why the Old Alton Bridge and surrounding trails are so crushed with graffiti, but they are… Thankfully, it seems to mostly be neutral or left-leaning, and we saw few swastikas or white power or MAGA stuff that wasn’t covered or otherwise blotted out. After all, to quote some graffiti on the back of a bench near the entrance, “The Only Good Fascist is a Dead Fascist.”

We need to get back to these trails soon. It such a strange incongruity, the nice, rustic sorta half-finished trails, rustic and overland enough for me, while still being almost maintained and manicured-enough for my darling adorable wife, well, except for the crushed tree trunks…

I sorta wish the there was a loop to walk, but like most city and country trail systems, it’s an out-and-back affair, though, like user Jamie Cocke at AllTrails, my wife and I “Enjoyed milling about… on the many offshoot trails just for fun. Didn’t get far but that wasn’t the point.” But while Jamie (and my darling wife) “wish[es] there was less graffiti,” me and my Art History degree just love it.

Anyway. We walked across the bridge, down a bit, and back up, and I snapped away with the LC-Wide in half frame mode. It’s a fun little camera for that.

I really and truly need to take the wrist strap off of it. Sure, I use it sometimes, but most often, it just winds up in the frame.

We took the bridge back to the other side, and walked it down a bit. It really is a groovy old bridge.

The other side winds through some grassy areas and disappears into the woods. I think maybe it links up with another trail that goes up towards Denton, but I’m not too sure.

As I said, I really enjoy the LC-Wide in half frame mode, and I really should shoot it more often. The possibilities for diptychs are really exciting, though I usually don’t pay enough attention shot-to-shot to really think much about it, and my current scanning system requires cutting the film prior to scanning, so unless I learn to pay much more attention, it’s likely that I’ll cut any good diptychs in half anyway… Still. It’s a fun little camera.

Shame that it doesn’t have the wonderful flare characteristics of the marvelous Konica WaiWai, but, at least it’s (somewhat) better built…

Also: shame about my inability to remember to zone focus…

Anyway. Really, the Old Alton Bridge is quite far away, about twice as far as the north shore of Lake Grapevine, where we walked many times in late 2020, and that park is really pretty far in and of itself. Still, it’s a nice, easy walk, with plenty to look at, so we’ll go back one day soon enough, or I will anyway.

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