Just before I ran off to Arkansas for the (not-a-)vacation, I loaded a roll of Superia 400 into the Wai Wai, with the intent of shooting some nice fall color in the mountains. Alas, it wasn’t a vacation after all, and I didn’t shoot much at all while I was there. And there wasn’t much fall color there, even if I had, and I wouldn’t have had so much fun on a quick after-work photowalk in the park one day after I came back.

First, some nice pictures from AR and the drive home. First, one from Mom’s deck.

Next at Twin Bridges, near Fayetteville, AR.

And then at Sardis Cove, in OK.

And then I was home… and the Wai Wai sat… and I felt a deep sense of malaise and didn’t want to do much of anything.

So after work one day, I forced myself down to Mike Nichols Park in Grand Prairie for a nice walk around just to burn through the roll.

I wasn’t expecting much, but wow! I love the color and way that the plastic lensed Wai Wai rendered all the foliage and the rocks and the water. Lovely!

But what I really loved was the flare… I knew it was going to flare some, and ghost some, and leave some halos, and all kinds of things, but I was thrilled with what I got.

Just beautiful! Try doing that with a fancy piece of glass… I want to print this one out and hang it on the wall, or put it on a tshirt or something. It reminds me of those target shirts the Mods wore 50 or 60 years ago somehow.

I really hope I can keep this camera going for many more rolls… and I need to shoot it much, much more.

Shoot… I just need to shoot more, full stop.

Thanks again to @DanK for hooking me up with this great little camera!

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