So after fried pies and Irving Penn and all my wife’s good cooking—MashaAllah, my darling, adorable wife is a magnificent cook—Mom headed back home, I went back to work, and the cameras still had HP5+ hanging out in them.

I burned through the rolls as fast I I could stand to, which wasn’t very fast. Oh well.

The weeds are all in bloom this time of year, and with the Mini in hand, I grabbed a quick couple of shots of them on the way to the masjid for Jummah.


Pretty straightforward, but this one took some cues from Warhol, sorta…


Up in Boliver, I shot the view from the cemetery where the remains of my grandfather and his parents (and some ashes of my grandmother and stepdad) are interred.



Much like not shooting living people, I don’t much shoot the dead either, even though they care way less than the living ones do (and most of the living ones don’t much care anyway).

Trees and flowers, though, never seem to mind at all.


One thing I noticed only after shooting is that the knockout roses are roughly the same value/shade  as the leaves, and so pictures of the not a climbing rose climbing knockout came out kinda flat.

not a climbing rose

If I recall, I shot those to to check and see if I could tell any difference between shots on the cloudy and sunny setting. The sky in the one one the bottom is definitely a bit more blown than the one on the top, and the shadows are a bit lighter in the one on the bottom too, so I guess there is some tiny difference between the two.

Anyway, the mini roses are a much higher value than their leaves, so at least you can tell what you’re looking at, though once again, my zone focusing skills leave a little something to be desired.

mini roses

I’m a bit better with the split prism on the FE, sorta. I missed focus on Robert at the DMA, but I usually get pretty close on most things, as long as I take my time.


Ok… so three days of pictures and empty ramblings, what about the cameras?

Patience, my friends. Patience.

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