After a belly full of fried pies and a driving tour of Denton County, naps, a wonderful dinner, and a good night’s sleep, Mom and I went in to Dallas to wander the Clyde Warren Park catch the Irving Penn exhibit. In tow was, once again, the Diana Mini and the Nikon FE, both with partially shot rolls of HP5+ in their bellies…

The Clyde Warren Park is a strange thing: 3 blocks of bridge built over what used to be called ‘the Canyon’ with some fields and a stage and a couple of restaurants, that links downtown Dallas and what’s now called (I think) the West Village. Hana and I walked around there a month or so ago, but Mom had never been.

There was a big yoga in the park session that many other photographers would’ve shot. Not me though.

I managed to capture one guy in one of the restaurants, if you can make him out.


Other than that, I pretty much kept my two cameras between myself and the trees.

Clyde Warren

After a lap around the park, we popped into the DMA via its new, easier to access, west entrance.


The Irving Penn show is great, and worth a visit if you happen to be in Dallas.

But I already mentioned that.

Our exit through the gift shop was halted, briefly, by a very friendly gentleman named Robert, and we took simultaneous portraits of one another.


When and if I get his, I’ll try to remember to add it here.

Not much to share from the Dallas trip. I was interested to shoot for awhile, but after getting nervous in Clyde Warren, and then getting a bit overstimulated in the museum, I really just wanted a nap, so Mom and I made a quick trip by the Wild Bird shop to pick up some bird food, and then by the Krispy Krunch Chicken for some very late lunch people food, then it was naps and dinner: a nice end to Mom’s visit.

One of these days, God willing, I’ll get a bit braver and actually try to take pictures of people on the streets. I’ve spent a good bit of time walking around with a camera, and smiling or otherwise acknowledging people, but I don’t much get up the nerve to shoot.

One day, InshaAllah.

Up tomorrow, it’s trees and flowers. Woo.

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