Kono Kolorit 400

I’m sometimes a sucker for sale flyers from camera stores, especially when it comes to Lomography’s rather regular new film announcements. I was able to resist for several months, but Lomo sent me a $10 off coupon that was about to expire—I’m a sucker for that stuff too, apparently—and so I jumped on some Kono Kilorit 400 (now, sadly out of stock at Lomography).

I took a roll along with me on the Chicago Road Trip and loaded it into the FG on the way to Memphis, so you’ve already seen a few pictures from the roll. I should go back and re-process them, though, as I had the white balance pretty far off. The second half of the roll was shot after work and on a brief walk with my darling, adorable wife one Saturday, and (once I got the white balance a bit closer) it performed admirably. Continue reading “Kono Kolorit 400”

Road Trip! Chicago to Memphis

Thursday morning, we got started pretty early: up for Fajr, then around the corner to Peet’s, for a change (though Dunkin Donuts coffee is better, really…), where we ate out on the street and enjoyed the cool morning air before packing up the car and heading south.

We stopped after an hour or two and Hana took over driving, which gave me some time to shoot a bit, mostly with Hipstamatic. Continue reading “Road Trip! Chicago to Memphis”