Nikon FG – dirty frame counter switch: SOLVED

Some months ago, I noticed something odd going on with the FG. Every now and again, at seemingly random moments, the 60/125 lights would start blinking and it would fire at 1/90th only until I opened the back and reset the counter. It would then function as normal: 1/90th for the first few frames, then normal operation, more or less, until it happened again.

Other people have had similar problems with the FG and other Nikon cameras that have a similar feature. I found many people with similar problems, but little information on how to fix it and loads of dire warnings.

As mentioned recently, if you pay any attention to tags, and with some help from Samie, I fixed it. Read on to find out how… (or click here for the tl;dr) Continue reading “Nikon FG – dirty frame counter switch: SOLVED”

The C.L.A.M. And The Rose

I’ve felt a bit uninspired by my actual photography practice of late. I was ill for a week or so, but it went back farther than that, really, back to early January even. I think it had something to do with diet, maybe, or rest, or exercise, but none of that has changed much. Allahu Alim.

In any case, I wasn’t particularly feeling anything I shot, so I was really happy to have a stack of books to unbox and scribble about. But the time has come to just throw all this stuff out there, whether it’s any good or not… So today, I bring you:

The C.L.A.M. and the Rose. Continue reading “The C.L.A.M. And The Rose”