This one really is a black plastic bag, sorta… It looks black out in the world, anyway, but the plastic is so thin that it goes clear very quickly.

It’s another thing I pocketed from the office… don’t tell anyone.

So I’m not really getting where I wanted to with these. I got close-ish a couple of times, but there’s no layer of interest or gloss in front of the subject, there’s not much subject even. But I can see a direction to go, maybe.

20160126-1956-color light abstraction machine-©JamesECockroft-3190

I used a flash for a long time, but it was too hot for the depth of field I was after, so I started handholding it and using available light, what little there was.

I’d forgotten how much fun I have just playing with light and reflections and all.


It was dark, and I was using the Visitor 70-210 Series 1, mostly in macro, and even with the f/3.5 aperture, I could barely hold it still.


Just before I put it away for the night, I picked up the glue that I left out from building the C.L.A.M. and smeared some around just to see what happened. Honestly, I was hoping for something like that effect you get when smearing vaseline around, but all I got was smear.


So this week was my first few experiences with the C.L.A.M. I did get one thing sorta like what I was looking for, but I’m hoping to get a few more, if I can get some time to play some more.

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