It’s actually not a bag in the traditional sense, but one of the wrappers of a big stack of styrofoam cups that I pocketed from the office.

Don’t tell anyone.

And it’s actually the second night with the C.L.A.M., but that doesn’t really matter. No matter what night, no matter what light, I’ve had fun with the C.L.A.M. and that’s what matters.

I used a couple of flashlights I had lying about to light this, one of which I used extensively in the 365 project. Cheap LED flashlights make a nice cool light (see the title picture, above) that you can sorta spike a bit in post to get something a bit warmer, a bit more storm like.


And if you use the LED for some backlight and add in a old yellow-bulbed flashlight, you can get some interesting and suggestive results.


To be honest, I got a bit bored with this and just shot the C.L.A.M. itself for awhile. Got some weird, nasty looking stuff that I didn’t plan to share, but after some extensive messing around in C1P I decide to anyway.

Abstraktes Bild

And, as expected, I got some pretty bokeh balls too.

ohne Titel

So that’s it for the clear plastic.

By now, I’ve actually started trying some different things with the C.L.A.M., but it hasn’t yielded much yet, so look forward to some more pretty plastic pictures soon!

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