A couple of weeks ago, I ran across some paintings and photographs by Marilyn Minter. I remember seeing her photographs of Pamela Anderson in Parkett back in 2007, long before I was interested in photography at all, and coming across her work now—particularly ones where there’s a sheet of wet and/or broken glass between the viewer and the subject, or where the dripping glass is the subject and some human part-object dissolves to form a splash of color and recognizable form in the background—made me want to build something and start shooting in the studio again.

So I did…

It’s not quite finished yet, so I won’t show you any actual pictures of the device itself, but I call it the C.L.A.M…

It’s based very loosely on some pictures of the thing (scroll down a bit) Wynn Bullock built to make his Color Light Abstraction series, and partly on how I thought Ms. Minter was making her pictures. Turns out I was very wrong about how she makes her pictures (projectors, layers, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, and more photoshop), but glad, because that means the C.L.A.M. is a thing all of its own.

Over the next few days, I’ll share the first attempts to shoot with it.

It’s a fun little toy, for sure.

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