Digital and Film: singing in the rain

When you plan your vacation around photography—as most other things—it’s a bit of a bummer when it rains the entire time, but there are at least two great things that rain offers to photography: shiny clean things and drops on windows.

Digital and Film, part 1

Back in December, I took a few days of vacation and travelled to see Mom up in Northwest Arkansas. In the days leading up to the trip, I hemmed and hawed over which camera(s) to take along, which lenses, films, what sort(s) of project(s) I might want to start/continue/pursue while there, etc., etc., etc. In …

Digital Week! – Two Abstract Pictures for Buy Nothing Day!

It’s Buy Nothing Day, so if you’ve bought something already before receiving the reminder, please accept my deepest apologies. Good news: tomorrow is International Buy Nothing Day, so you still have a chance! I’ll spare you the anticapitalist screed and just leave you with this: Every Day is a good day to Buy Nothing.