Digital Week! – wet roads

The D7000 saw quite a bit of use this year—mostly as an integral part of the Scan-O-Matic 7000 mk ii, iii, and iv—but I hadn’t really shot with it as an actual camera, aside from that day or so of shooting in Chicago.

So I decided to spend a week shooting only the D7000 (and the iPhone, but that’s never far away) to see if I could enjoy it as much as I enjoy film.

I did pretty well, all things considered. I didn’t chimp, but I never did. I didn’t pray-and-spray, but I never did. I only took about 71 shots all week, which isn’t much, given that it’s a digital camera and so shutter activations are more or less free, though it’s about 400% more than I typically shoot on film.


The week started out wet. It rained Sunday night, I guess, and maybe it was still sprinkling a bit when I left for work, so the roads were glossy and everything was clean and shiny. I can honestly say that no film photograph would capture the slick glossiness of the road like a digital camera and modern lens does. Whether that’s a good thing, bad thing, meh thing, or completely immaterial thing is up to you, really.

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