As mentioned previously, I’ve been exploring the wonders of Shutter Priority mode and looking at Yusuf Sevincli’s work (which reminds me some of Daido Moriyama, for likely obvious reasons). The former is fun to play with—and I can foresee some possibilities for exploration—and the latter leads me to think about aesthetic, in particular the aesthetic particular to a certain […]

[email protected] (a teaser set…)

As mentioned previously, I spent the week in Shutter Priority mode. I started out at 1/60th with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4, but the thumbwheel got spun accidentally, so the first one of these was shot at 1/100. When I uploaded these and started playing around, I had just been looking at Yusuf Sevincli’s Good Dog, […]

7/52-36 Eureka! Honeymoon!

I spent most of the last week in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with my beloved wife (!?!?!?) Farhana Ali, on our honeymoon, enjoying our first week together. I can’t begin to express my wonder, gratitude, amazement, joy, excitement, and so much more at 1) being married; 2) being married to such a fabulous woman; and 3) […]