Following recent executive orders that left multiple green card holders, citizens, and refugees enjoying the hospitality of the Department of Homeland Security at various International Airports around the country, numerous concerned citizens gathered together to help the DHS show its guests a good time. I don’t know if they appreciated our help much at all, to be honest… […]

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair…

Lawsuit Describes ‘Blacklist’ for Collectors of Marlene Dumas – NYTimes.com. This seems to me to be a case of simple betterthanyouism. The artists (and gallerists) see themselves as preserving the public good, encouraging collectors to hold onto artworks and eventually donate them to Museums. The collectors see themselves as, well, collectors. And like any other […]

The Toxic Side of Being, Literally, Green

Via the NYT, Design – The Toxic Side of Being, Literally, Green re-published, or re-presented, or whatever from the International Herald Tribune. I had no idea that ‘greenwashing’ (as a term) had been around for so long—almost 25 years—and was interested to read of the history of green pigments and green in culture. Good times. Also, […]