unboxing Photography is Magic

The recent glut of photobook purchases continues…

Charlotte Cotton’s Photography is Magic is something of a departure for me… I have a variety of photobooks: personal projects; documentary stuff; straight photography; art photography; experimental stuff; etc. But Photography is Magic is different… It’s nominally photography, but most of the photographs look like documentary evidence of performance art, like photographs of sculpture, or like purely digital constructions, and I’m not really sure what to make of this book or the work in it, and will have to think some about how it fits into my personal practice…

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unboxing The City Is A Novel

Thanks again to Ted Forbes for pointing me to another decent photography book: Alexey Titarenko’s The City is a Novel. Ted knows a good bit more about Titarenko and his style than I do, so if you want a favorable and fairly thorough look at the book, go and have a look.

And apologies… I know I claimed to be giving up the photobooks for a bit in favor of some actual photographs, but a couple more came in that I forgot about, and so let me get through them quickly, and then I’ll get back to shooting, InshaAllah.

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