Following recent executive orders that left multiple green card holders, citizens, and refugees enjoying the hospitality of the Department of Homeland Security at various International Airports around the country, numerous concerned citizens gathered together to help the DHS show its guests a good time. I don’t know if they appreciated our help much at all, to be honest… After just two days, various administration officials backpedaled a bit on the order, and the majordomo and obvious anagram came in and sent most of the guests home before the party even really got started.

I guess we need to work on our hospitality skills.

Not to fear, I expect we’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice in the coming weeks, months, years, and we need to remain vigilant: it’s looking like this administration is going to need a great deal of help.

Lest you think I’m making light of all this: I’m terrified. I’ve mentioned this before. But I can’t just shiver in the corner, and I can no longer just go to work, play with my toys, and enjoy time with my wife. The new president and much of his administration are openly racist, misogynist, and xenophobic, and I must do what I can to resist and push back against their evil and misguided policies.

As reported by Abu Sa’eed, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said

Whoever among you sees an evil action, and he is able to change it with his hand, then change it with his hand (by taking action); if he cannot, (do so) with his tongue then with his tongue (by speaking out); and if he cannot then with his heart (by hating it and feeling that it is wrong), and that is the weakest of faith.

May Allah increase us in faith and guide us to remain vigilant, strong, and committed to justice, ameen.

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