The wetness continued on Tuesday morning: it rained most all the way to work, but that just made for some good times with droplets and trying to get some nice bokeh.

I wrote a whole screed against digital sensors vs. film, but then decided that it didn’t matter any. But both have their uses, for sure, and the D7000 + Sigma 30mm f/1.4 did a fine job this week.

This one, in particular…

the bokeh around the streetlight on the right reminds me of the iPhone 4, and with good reason too:

The bokeh balls off the iPhone 4 is a bit more regular than that found in the D7000, but the pattern is very similar. Interesting, and a bit strange.*


I did get some interesting flare and ghosts off the Sigma. I’m not sure why, but I sorta like this one too.

I think the flare is from the windshield, maybe, rather than the Sigma, but it’s still interesting.

One thing about the digital that bugs me is just how glossy everything is. even these blurry, under- and overexposed bits are flat and shiny and smooth, just like digital stuff tends to be, and nothing like the real world, which is full of wrinkles, potholes, skin, physical stuff that is impeccably designed and real.

But then this is digital week, and not film is better week.

It almost looks like there’s a bubble of focus here, but it’s just the combination of the curve in the windshield and the tilt of the camera (I think). The saturation is too much, almost, like Las Vegas and unicorns with rainbow tails… pretty.

Rainbow Digital week continues tomorrow… stay tuned.

*I sometimes miss the lens/sensor on the iPhone 4. The 5 is good, probably overall a better camera, and certainly a (slightly) more advanced computer, but the 4 had some quirks that the 5 just doesn’t have.

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