Back in April, I saw a couple of examples of Washi F film on Twitter, and though I didn’t (and don’t) need more film (I’m sitting on a couple of years’ worth), I immediately ordered up a handful of rolls from Freestyle, then shoved them in the fridge with the rest of the stock.


Then, when the new-to-me, third LC-A arrived, I decided the Washi F would make a good second roll test for it, and, wouldn’t you know, it helped me discover an issue with this sample…


Yes, this sample has an issue with the battery chamber, and this user (me) can’t ever seem to remember what the lights in the finder mean, and also can’t ever seem to remember to even look for the lights in the finder to verify that the camera has power.

Fun fun fun. Out of 37 or 38 possible frames of Washi F, I ended up with 20 actual photographs, and only these few usable frames, from the trip to (flooded) Grapevine Lake mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

I quite like the results I got from the Washi F, though I didn’t get much of the expected halation. Oh well. I had fun, and I have three more rolls to shoot, so it’s a win all around.


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