The Zenit Horizon S3 u500 is a great camera. I don’t shoot it often enough.

Washi F is a sound-recording film repurposed as a niche photographic film from the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest film company,” Film Washi.

Here’s what happened when they met.


The Horizon has a curved film plane and requires film be spooled behind a couple of rollers, one on each side of the swiveling lens. Insofar as I’ve only shot the camera a couple of times, I forgot the roller on the supply side (right side of the image).


As a result, there is virtually no gap between the individual pictures, and there’s a gradual blur in the right-hand third of every photograph.

I would stick the :facepalm: emoji in here now, but, well, I think it worked out ok and I’m curious what would happen if I failed to spool behind both special rollers… Happy-enough accidents FTW!


As a sound-recording film, Washi F has no anti-halation layer, so there’s some light piping on the first few frames and the potential for some blooming and, well, halation that I was excited about, but didn’t get much of… Oh well.


I shot the roll during and after the heavy rains here back in late May, and a few of the pictures from a partially flooded local park really hit just right, to my eye.


Especially this one:


And especially this one:


Overall, I was fairly pleased, both with this roll of Washi F (my second ever) and the wonderful Horizon s3, which I should really shoot more often…


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