If you were alive and paying even a tiny bit of attention on April 8, 2024, you probably heard about or saw coverage of the solar eclipse that passed over a small portion of the United States (and elsewhere). By a God-given coincidence, my house was in the path of totality and I work from home, so I stepped outside for a bit with the FM3a and the FG, both with 50mm lenses attached…

Had I thought more about it, I probably should’ve used a longer lens on at least one camera… Oh well.

At some point, I switched both cameras to full manual, at the smallest aperture and fastest shutter speed. The FG (1/1000) gave the last image in the gallery above; the FM3a (1/4000th) gave the one below.

20240428-091306-Orwo Wolfen test roll©JamesECockoft-3934

When I first saw this, I was shocked and had no idea how it came to be… It was only a day or two later that I remembered putting the cameras in manual for a bit. Even knowing how the sun (and Venus) came to look as they do, I still have no idea where that blue nebula-looking streak came from. Good times.

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