After 1/26 and 1/27 comes 1/28, with which has no obvious association with an obsolete film format, and so is just another Friday… While shooting some for 126 Day and 127 Day, I also happened to be testing an LC-A that I had taped closed and written ‘Stuck Shutter’ on some months or years ago, and, well, the shutter wasn’t stuck after all, and since I shot pretty much the same stuff with the LC-A as I did with the Agfamatic 200 and Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro, well, why not share some…

As before, I start with some shots from a park down the way that we found a way to walk in for the first time back in December 2021.

Just prior to that, and, as it happens, just after, we spent some time with family, and I shot my new nephew Fahim and his sister Ayesha, as one just has to with nieces and nephews as cute as they are. Sadly, only one is really in focus, but who cares: cuteness > sharpness.

And, as with the other cameras, I finished the roll out front of the house one afternoon in sort of a “just get it over with!” mood. Probably not the best way to go about photographing, but oh well.

If you’re wondering how I scored two first-of-the-roll shots, well, I tested the camera with a bulk-loaded roll, so the last bit was exposed to light too… Good times.

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