I didn’t (and don’t) need another camera. Really and truly. I don’t.

And then, one early morning, I noticed a Twitter post* claiming the Vivitar UWS to be the end all and be all, and 10 minutes later, I found one for a good-enough price on the ‘bay, and, well, here we are.

I had a couple of short rolls loaded for another project, and when the Vivitar arrived, I threw one in and took my darling, adorable wife to a nearby park for a quick after-work walk.

Early impressions of the vaunted Vivitar UWS?


I’m not sure if the contrast and sharpness and all is more down to the UWS or to the Fomapan 200 stand developed in Rodinal, which I just love. But it works. It works better than ending our nice afternoon walks with a trip to the Sonic…

Next up for the UWS: What am I thinking? I loaded a roll of Ektachrome into it and, well, we’ll see what happens…

*Credit where credit is due… but I couldn’t find the tweet. Whoever it was had a filter glued to the front of his UWS (whoever it was is male) and said it was at that point and perhaps forever more his go-to/only grab & go camera, or something to that effect. I spent 5 minutes checking to see if the Superheadz version is identical (it seems that there is a slight difference to the lens in terms of flare: the Vivitar tends to have more pronounced flare) and then found that the Vivitar is often cheaper than the Superheadz, now that both are out of production (and probably because most rational people prefer a camera with somewhat less tendency to flare).

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