tuer le Fantôme II: la rupture de neige

After my first failure with Lomography’s Fantôme Kino film, I was hesitant to try it again. Then, one day in early January 2021, after some success with the Babylon Kino, I shoved a roll into the FM3a, bolted the 35mm f/2 D on the front, and went to town… Interestingly, and rare for North Texas, […]

tuer le Fantôme I: ne reste pas

When Lomography announced its Fantôme and Babylon Kino films, I hesitated at first, then went ahead and ordered 5 rolls of each. I wasn’t too excited about some slow black & white film, but I appreciate what Lomography are doing, and want to support new (and newly available thanks to repackaging) film stocks. They took […]