And with one look, my darling, adorable wife just destroyed the phantom…

Sorry, phantom. You lose.

Fantôme: 2 / James: 1 / Farhana Ali: ∞

And if you missed it, here’s how we tamed le Fantôme:

Rodinal, 1:50, 8 minutes (as Lomography suggests), but at 63℉ and with only 1 gentle inversion per minute, rather than 4, and for best results, add a dash of my darling, adorable wife’s beauty and grace…

And with that, you too can achieve a full range of greys with the phantom. Enjoy!

Lomography have some of le Fantôme in stock (at time of writing), but only in 5 and 10 packs. Their data sheet doesn’t say anything about lowering the temperature, but by doing so, I achieved results that I find more pleasant than any of their examples, even with their preferred DF96, though your mileage will vary.

And apologies for breaking this review up into so many pieces: if you missed any of them, or want to go back and review:

  1. Do Not Stand
  2. The Snow Failure
  3. Around the House
  4. the One You Were Waiting For

What do you think? Did I defeat the phantom in the end?

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