tuer le Fantôme III: autour de la maison

I didn’t shoot the whole second roll of le Fantôme in the snow… I also checked the 35mm f/2 D focus range… I took a couple selfies too. Sure, I more or less just burned the roll, but what else is film for?

With a film rated at ISO 8, you need fat apertures and slow shutter speeds, and a tripod, if you have one handy. I acquired a Focal handipod as part of a grab bag of camera gear from my dad, and now regularly deploy it in service of selfies while working from my office (located in the guest room closet).

If I recall, the meter in the FM3a chose something like 75 seconds for the exposure, and I was able to hold still enough for long enough to actually be mostly legible. Go me!

Later that day, I took a few shots at f/2 through the pretty sheer on the living room windows.


And I took another selfie, with flash in the snow. Woo.

Wow. I look old and fat and tired there. I mean… I am old(er), fat, and not particularly well rested, but still. I generally try to avoid advertising it!

I can’t bear to develop just one roll of film, so I swapped in the 50mm f/1.2 AI-S and got to it, still mostly around the house…

After struggling with the 50 1.2 in my earliest attempt, I found I loved it with the Babylon Kino, and hoped to have some success with le Fantôme too.

Yay! I mostly tamed the contrast!

Now, if only I could make a decent picture… I’ll call this round a draw.

Fantôme: 2 / James: 0

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