#BIFscale 21

It’s been a long 3 years since I last took part in #BIFscale, the worldwide celebration of redscale film (color film exposed through the base), hosted by @filmdevelop and the #believeinfilm community on Twitter. Honestly, I mostly forgot about it in 2019, but started watching for it late that year, and throughout 2020, but never […]

A quick walk

Many weeks ago, I bought a grab bag of photo gear from my dad. I did a little unbagging on Twitter, if you’re interested, and in short, wound up with a complete Olympus OM10 kit: OM10, with the manual adapter; 28mm G.Zuiko, 50mm F.Zuiko, 75-150 f/4 Zuiko; Olympus T20 flash, plus cables and brackets and […]